Analysts Predict Ethereum To Reach $13,654 by 2025, While Hot New Meme Coin Steals the Spotlight From DOGE

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Over the last two weeks, Ethereum has turned the tide, breaking the long barrier of $3700. As a result, many analysts are coming out with a bullish prediction of up to $13,654 by 2025. However, despite DOGE’s status as the king of meme coins, the token is finding it hard to challenge the new meme coin, Angry Pepe Fork (APORK). The meme coin presale has taken the spotlight away from DOGE with many traders viewing it as the best meme coin to invest in 2024.

Angry Pepe Fork Overpowers Dogecoin As Presales Move on

With the Ethereum projection, Dogecoin is finding it hard to keep up with Angry Pepe Fork’ssurging momentum. The new meme coin has climbed higher than anticipated in the meme coin market, attracting investors with its innovative utility. Many traders are tired of meme coins without utilities and have found solace in Angry Pepe Fork’s unique army conquests.

Through its unique conquest-to-earn model, users can display their inbuilt towards the battlefield. By doing this, they are rewarded with free $APORK tokens and placed as highly valued members of the community. Users can also collaborate to conquer zombie meme coins, giving them additional rewards and benefits.

By collectively winning their enemies, individuals can increase their staking chances with massive APY rewards. The platform utility token APORK powers the entire ecosystem and is currently available at the price of $0.014. In its unique way, the platform allows users to access staking rewards while still at presale.

With the explosive growth of Solana-based meme coins over the past few months, Angry Pepe Fork is projected as the next meme coin to boom. Additionally, there is an ongoing discussion with potential partners which gives the token added advantages over its peers. As the meme market continues to grow, the APORK token is a surefire way of growing your portfolio to the tune of 350% profit.

Ethereum Price Projected to Hit $13,654 in 2025

Ethereum token has turned the table around after falling off from the $4k threshold in March. With the approval of eight spot ETFs by the US SEC, the token has begun to pump with more than 30% gains in the past month. Zooming in, analysts project that this is the beginning of the Ethereum big jump and the token can retest $4k in June.

For example, Twitter analyst Yoddha analyzes Ethereum’s performance in-depth, revealing a strong bullish pattern reminiscent of its 2021 bull market. With a 2% increase in the past week, Yoddha has made a bold Ethereum price prediction – which is $13,654 in 2025.

Dogecoin Received Traction But Overshadowed By the Rise of APORK

The Dogecoin price has been faring well in the past few weeks with massive whale movements into the project. From the report of Ali Martinez, a seasoned crypto analyst, over 700 million worth of DOGE has been bought by giant whales which may indicate a huge propensity for growth soon.

Despite this, the meme coin is lagging behind Angry Pepe Fork in terms of traction with the new meme coin enjoying an unprecedented outlook from investors as a result of its unique features. With the Dogecoin token earning almost a 30% increase in the past month, the token may hit $0.2 soon.


While Ethereum’s continued growth is undisputable, the juicy profit can be gotten from the likes of Angry Pepe Fork. With its background as a Solana-based meme coin, the APORK token has the tenacity to follow in the footsteps of DogWifHat, Book of Meme, and others that have appreciated significantly in the past few months.

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