Apple’s new series Sunny pairs Rashida Jones with a mystery-solving robot

Apple TV Plus has been killing it on the sci-fi front lately, but this summer, the streamer’s taking another stab at the murder mystery genre with Sunny, a new A24-produced series from showrunner Katie Robbins, director Lucy Tcherniak, and executive producer Rashida Jones.

Based on Colin O’Sullivan’s novel The Dark Manual, Sunny revolves around Suzie Sakamoto (Jones), an American woman living in Kyoto whose life is thrown into turmoil following the disappearances of her roboticist husband Masa (Hidetoshi Nishijima) and their son in a catastrophic plane crash. 

Though all Suzie wants is her family back, what she receives (as a gift from the company Masa works for) is Sunny (Joanna Sotomura), an experimental robot designed to assist people with their domestic labor. Understandably, Suzie’s feelings about her new robotic companion are less than warm during her time of initial grief. But as the pair grows closer, Suzie realizes that Sunny may be the key to figuring out just what exactly happened to her husband and son — and whether they might still be out there somewhere.

As of yet, Sunny doesn’t have a trailer, but Apple announced that the show’s first two (of 10) episodes are slated to premiere on July 10th.

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