Atique Malik stages return to Blackburn Audi

Atique Malik has returned to Swansway Motor Group, taking on the new role of general sales manager at Blackburn Audi.

After leaving Swansway last September for a sales management position elsewhere, Atique was keen to return once the opportunity arose.

“It’s brilliant to be back as the general sales manager, the family values and interconnectivity across Swansway make it special. There is constant interaction with directors, and reinforcement of the direction we’re headed which I’ve never experienced elsewhere,” he said.

For three years Atique was business manager at Blackburn Audi, which saw him develop knowledge of the team, dealership, and local area. “It’s like I never left,” he said.

Atique’s appointment kickstarts an exciting 2024, with six new Audi vehicles set to arrive this year including the all-electric Q6 e-tron.

“There’s a public perception that electric vehicles are too expensive. It’s our job to shift this attitude and demonstrate how they’re more cost-effective than ICE vehicles. Audi has the calculator tools to showcase how EVs can save money, now we want to show these results to customers.”

Swansway brand director Ben Gilbert, commenting on Atique’s return, said: “Bringing back someone with Atique’s knowledge and passion for the business is a great opportunity for Blackburn Audi.

“2024 will be a big year for the Audi e-tron range and his expertise will prove valuable in how we deliver those cars to our customers.”

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