Axie Infinity vs. My Pet Hooligan: The Battle for Web3 Gaming Supremacy

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Web3 gaming is booming this year as the industry rolls out development after development in hopes of becoming the leading project in the space. With games like Axie Infinity previously setting the standard for Web3 play-to-earn (P2E) models, it sets the bar very high for new projects. However, there is a new contender that has gripped the attention of investors and gamers alike — My Pet Hooligan.

Unlike Web3 games of the past, games like My Pet Hooligan are appearing with economic models for gaming that are AAA-quality, built with the latest tech, and sustainable long-term.

So, in the battle between Axie Infinity and My Pet Hooligan…who wins? Let’s find out.

Axie Infinity: Web3 Gaming’s Humble Beginnings

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game built and developed by Sky Mavis that blends crypto and traditional gaming into a P2E Web3 game. After its launch in 2018, the game rapidly saw global attention and became the cornerstone for the Web3 gaming space, appealing to both gamers and investors.

In 2024, Axie Infinity has continued to push the boundaries, introducing new mechanics to the game to stabilize the economy and new game features like battle systems and classes, but to no avail. The game still struggles to maintain a strong user base and suffers from economic imbalance.


Axie Infinity brought the P2E concept to Web3 gaming, allowing players to earn real world value through gameplay — attractnig millions of users and generating substantial revenues. Paired with the game’s decentralized governance and active community, players directly contributed to Axie Infinity’s growth through development and governance involvement.


Axie Infinity, despite it’s huge success, was hit with the same issue that continues to face many Web3 games trying to enter the space — sustainability. Axie Infinity struggled with inflation quickly and became reliant on a consistent inflow of players to keep its economic model sustainable. Unfortunately, due to simple gameplay, security issues like the hack of 2022, and drying up liquidity inflows, Axie Infinity began to fade out fast.

My Pet Hooligan: Sustainable Web3 Gaming

My Pet Hooligan was developed by AMGI Studios and is a social-action game currently available in early access on the Epic Games Store. The game combines social interaction, action, and user-generated content in a vibrant world that players can break free from limitations. Skateboard, graffiti, wreak havoc, or fight against evil overlord Metazuckbot…the opportunities are endless.

Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and bleeding-edge motion capture technology, My Pet Hooligan offers gamers and investors a new level of interaction and immersion never seen before. 

In 2024, My Pet Hooligan has become a rising star, launching with huge traction and garnering over 500,000 download just in its early access stage. Recently awared with ‘Best Action Game’ at the December 2023 GAM3 Awards, the game continues to shine amongst major Web2 and Web3 games on the Epic Games Store.


My Pet Hooligan offers players intense and engaging gameplay paired with top-tier graphics and an expansive open-world space to skate, vandalize, or cause mayhem. These features easily make the game equal to or better than AAA-quality games available today, appealing to both Web3 and traditional gamers.

The game is powered by AMGI Studios’ proprietary motion capture and AI technology, delivering real-time face-driven animation for the deepest immersive player experience. My Pet Hooligan is also partnered with industry leaders like Nvidia, Palantir, and Polygon paired with backing from legends like Coldplay and Tony Robbins.

With an active community of over 110,000 followers on social media and active Discord presence, My Pet Hooligan aims to build a sustainable economic model for Web3 gaming. By minimizing inflation risks and integrating the KARRAT Protocol to support the game’s economy, the game ensures long-term viability for players in one of the most innovative games in Web3.

If that wasn’t enough, the creative force of nature behind My Pet Hooligan is AMGI Studios; a team with unparalleled experience from companies like Disney Pixar, Riot Games, and Industrial Light & Magic.


What weaknesses? Did you read the strengths?!


Axie Infinity’s gameplay involves the collecting, breeding, and battling of Axies in a turn-based combat system. The simplistic nature of the battle system makes it accessible and easy to understand for both newcomers and veterans but it quickly loses its flavor as activities become monotonous and lack real gameplay depth.

My Pet Hooligan provides players with an immersive experience in the open-world of Hooliland City where they can jump into fast-paced action and interact with other gamers in meaningful ways. Through the use of AI-driven non-playable characters (NPCs), players can enjoy a space built with real-time animation that establishes a living, and breathing world that reactions to player interactions.


Axie Infinity heavily relied on player inflow to sustain its in-game rewards and currency — an approach that crumbled rapidly when inflation soared and the player base fled the game. The reliance on new players highlighted the need for more sustainable Web3 game models if they wish to have long-term viability.

My Pet Hooligan offers a balanced and sustainable economic model, integrating KARRAT Protocol to add a decentralized gaming infrastructure layer to support the games economy and long-term ecosystem growth. 


Axie Infinity rapidly built a passionate and trusting community that helped the game thrive initially and, with decentalized governance, players could determine development decisions. However, as economic challenges worsened and security issues appeared, community members soon lost faith in the game.

My Pet Hooligan’s focus on social interaction, community events, and user-generated content helped launch early access with a dedicated following across social media and Discord. With AMGI Studios’ transparency and commitment to community involvement in gameplay development, the trust only continues to build.


Axie Infinity soared initially build on the innovation of blockchain integration to create true ownership for players of their in-game assets. Unfortunately, as one of the first to enter the Web3 gaming space, the game’s technological advancements were limited and bottlenecked.

My Pet Hooligan’s use of AI and motion capture technology make it stand out immediately. By combining AMGI Studios’ expert industrial knowledge, real-time face-driven animation, and AI-powered NPCs — it’s safe to say, its an immersive experience like no other.

Who wins?

Axie Infinity, while hugely successful at first, fell foul of security and economical hurdles but still laid the foundations of today for Web3 gaming potential. 

In modern Web3 gaming, My Pet Hooligan is leading the way for the gaming industry — learning from the mistakes of the past while building towards the technology of the future.

My Pet Hooligan is the clear winner.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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