Best Crypto Presales To Participate In 2024 – Full List

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Crypto presales offer investors a chance to acquire new cryptocurrencies at reduced prices before they hit the market. Though it carries some risk, choosing the right cryptocurrency can yield substantial profits.

In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the most promising crypto presales with potential for market success. If you’re looking to expand your portfolio with promising presale cryptos, be sure to read through to the end.

8+ Best Crypto Presales – Brief List

Here is the brief list of the best crypto presales to join now:

  1. Memereum (MEME) – Overall the best crypto presale, sold over 1M tokens in just a few hours.

  2. BlockDag (BDAG) – Advanced layer 1 blockchain for crypto.

  3. Sealana (SEAL) – Seal-themed Solana meme coin.

  4. PlayDoge (PLAY) – Doge-inspired meme coin.

  5. WienerAI (WAI) – AI-based meme coin with trading utility.

  6. Pepe Unchained (PEPU) – Prison-themed PEPE.

  7. 5THScape (5SCAPE) – AR and VR ecosystem.

  8. BaseDawgz (DAWGZ) – Base multi-chain meme coin.

  9. MegaDice (DICE) – Casino token with exclusive benefits.

  10. 99Bitcoins (99BTC) – Learn-to-earn token.

Best Crypto Presales – Full Review

The following are our detailed reviews of the best presale cryptos to participate in right now:

Memereum (MEME) – Overall The Best Crypto Presale, Sold Over 1M Tokens In Just A Few Hours.

Memereum – stands out with its first insured DEX, called MemeSwap that makes Memereum different to other tokens. This innovative insured DEX will reshape the crypto industry.

The Memereum presale, which has sold over 1M tokens in hours, is positioned to stand out in the crypto space, thanks to its 183% automatic staking, ingenious tokenomics and groundbreaking features.

Memereum is attracting significant attention for several compelling reasons. It is the first insured DEX, a groundbreaking feature that ensures safe trading. 

Additionally, it is pre-listed on four exchanges: Azbit, TooBit, Vindax, and Bitvenus. 

What makes Memereum even more appealing is its price increase mechanism during the presale, where the price rises every 72 hours, rewarding early adopters with the best deals. 

As of the time of writing, Memereum nears 25M total tokens sold on its presale.

Take advantage of the presale before it gets sold out.

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BlockDag (BDAG) – Advanced Layer 1 Blockchain For Crypto.

BlockDag is another presale cryptocurrency expected to make a significant impact during the ongoing bull run. With the power to mine from anywhere, BlockDAG makes crypto mining simple, for everyone.

It is built on (PoW) algorithm that delivers industry-leading speeds, unbeatable security, and high decentralization. Built for the future, BlockDAG can power everyday applications to enterprise-grade DeFi protocols.

BlockDag offers three mining options. The BlockDAG X10, perfect for beginners, can mine 200 BDAG coins daily. The X30 mines 600 coins a day while the X100, can mine up to 2,000 BDAG coins daily, best for high returns and enterprise-scale operations.

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Sealana (SEAL) – Seal-Themed Solana Meme Coin

Sealana is another presale crypto that has been tipped to turn up the storm amid the prevailing meme coin craze. Although its utility is yet to be known, Sealana has already won the hearts of many investors with its exciting seal-themed mascot.

Built on Solana, a blockchain that’s renowned for its speed and low cost, Sealana appeals to degen investors looking for the next big thing in the bustling meme coin sphere. By featuring a chubby seal character that’s obsessed with finding potential market opportunities on Solana while abandoning its youthful svelte figure, Sealana’s mascot presents a mixture of humor and culture. 

Beyond its awesome theme, Sealana has also enhanced its market appeal by embracing a streamlined presale approach. While it is possible to buy SEAL using the presale widget provided on its website, investors can also send SOL directly to a designated wallet address provided by the project.

This “send-to-wallet” approach bypasses all the complexities that come with traditional presales, giving investors greater control over their transactions. However, it must be emphasized that this model only supports SOL. Therefore, those willing to buy SEAL with bank cards, USDT, USDC, BNB, and ETH can use the widget functionality. 

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PlayDoge (PLAY) – Doge-Inspired Meme Coin.

With the global video game market expected to reach $665 billion by 2033, PlayDoge has emerged as a standout investment opportunity for those seeking to cement their financial future with presale cryptos. 

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, PlayDoge taps into the capabilities of two of the most popular niches in the crypto world – memes and P2E. In essence, PlayDoge describes itself as a mobile first-game that incorporates the iconic Tamagotchi virtual pet into the gaming sector of the crypto economy.

Deriving inspiration from FLOKI and other P2E cryptos that have performed brilliantly in recent months, Playdoge has started to prove that it is more than just a meme coin offering. 

Adding to its investment appeal is its staking feature. Not less than 6% of the token’s total supply has been allocated to incentivizing early movers through staking rewards. More so, the project has a well-detailed roadmap that clearly explains its future plans, thereby contributing to its market credibility. 

While sharing similar aesthetics with Dogecoin, PlayDoge has been tipped to outperform the meme coin king due to its P2E utility. Considering its presence on the Binance Smart Chain, it won’t be surprising to see PLAY get listed on Binance at the end of its presale.

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WeinerAI (WAI) – AI-Based Meme Coin With Trading Utility.

Launching its presale with a splash, WienerAI has quickly become a standout among new meme coins, promising substantial gains for early investors. The project has already amassed nearly $3 million, driven by its unique doge-inspired charm and AI foundation.

WienerAI tells the imaginative story of an architect in 2132 crafting the world’s greatest AI. Amidst this process, an unexpected accident occurs, where a batch of sausages accidentally gets mixed into the vat where the AI is being developed.

In line with its vision, WienerAI is launching what it describes as the world’s most powerful bot which will serve as investors’ ticket to enjoying better trading. Leveraging its AI capabilities, the trading bot will provide accurate information that can help traders spot high-potential opportunities in the market. 

Currently priced at just $0.00071, WienerAI is one of the most affordable cryptocurrencies with a promising outlook. By purchasing tokens in its ongoing presale, investors can also stake them to potentially enhance their returns.

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PepeUnchained (PEPU) – Prison-Themed PEPE.

Pepe Unchained is a Layer 2 blockchain designed for meme coin enthusiasts, offering unparalleled speed and low transaction fees. It features transactions that are 100 times faster than Ethereum and enables instant bridging between ETH and Pepe Chain. By staking $PEPU tokens, users can earn substantial rewards and engage with a dynamic ecosystem.

Pepe Unchained’s dedicated block explorer and lower fees make it a compelling choice in the presale market.

With new memecoins launching daily, identifying those with the potential to increase in value by 10x or even 100x can be challenging. One effective strategy is to assess the project’s initial popularity and demand.

From this standpoint, Pepe Unchained could experience significant gains after its launch, making it a worthwhile investment for both meme coin enthusiasts and prospective investors.

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5THScape (5SCAPE) – AR And VR Ecosystem.

The 5thScape Project seeks to develop a complete VR and AR ecosystem, integrating hardware, software, and content.

Its goal is to create seamless connections between these components and build a community-driven platform for the future of immersive realities.

5SCAPE is the utility token powering the 5thScape ecosystem. Token holders gain exclusive access to premium VR content, including games, experiences, and special features within the platform. Additionally, 5thScape incorporates a Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanism, where players are rewarded with 5SCAPE tokens for their participation. These tokens can be traded once they are listed.

Moreover, the project intends to introduce staking opportunities, allowing users to lock up their tokens for a set period to earn rewards. This staking mechanism will provide an additional avenue for users to benefit from holding 5SCAPE tokens, further enhancing the value and utility of the token within the 5thScape ecosystem.

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BaseDawgz (DAWGZ) – Base Multi-Chain Meme Coin.

BaseDawgz is a new multi-chain meme coin and one of the top crypto presales to consider. Although it originates on the Base blockchain, $DAWGZ leverages Wormhole and Portal Bridge to easily move across multiple blockchains. 

This enables the token to connect with robust meme coin communities on platforms such as Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, and Binance.

The $DAWGZ token primarily resides on the Base Chain, but what truly sets it apart is its ability to traverse across multiple blockchains. You can effortlessly claim, store, and trade $DAWGZ on Ethereum, Solana, BSC, and Avalanche. It’s like a base jump through blockchains, allowing you to land wherever you choose.

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MegaDice (DICE) – Casino Token With Exclusive Benefits.

Mega Dice made a significant impact in the crypto community with the successful launch of its community token, DICE. Despite its recent debut, DICE has already demonstrated its potential to generate wealth for those who believe in the burgeoning online casino industry.

Unlike traditional staking models that promote long-term holding, Mega Dice has opted for a unique approach. It rewards early adopters based on the performance of the casino itself. This means that as the casino expands, token holders receive daily rewards tied to its growth.

Similar to numerous other projects, the current DICE presale is structured across multiple stages, ensuring ample opportunities for interested individuals to acquire the token. As of the latest update, DICE has garnered over $1.2 million from investors. Priced at $0.075 per token, investors can purchase DICE using prominent cryptocurrencies such as SOL, BNB, and ETH, and are eligible to receive a 10% presale bonus.

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99Bitcoins (99BTC) – Learn-To-Earn Token.

99Bitcoins is widely recognized for its dedication to simplifying the crypto and blockchain realms, particularly for newcomers. With a YouTube channel boasting over 700k subscribers, the platform has successfully cultivated a community of crypto enthusiasts.

Having solidified its position as a leading crypto education hub, 99Bitcoins is now advancing towards an L2E model, driven by its newly introduced token, 99BTC.

Through its current presale, investors have the opportunity to become significant stakeholders in 99Bitcoins prior to its anticipated market success. Apart from providing holders exclusive access to advanced trading courses and signals, 99Bitcoins also includes staking rewards designed to deter immediate selling.

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Final Words

In this article, we have introduced ten presale cryptos that have the potential to create massive returns in the coming months. They include Memereum, BlockDag, Sealana, PlayDoge, WienerAI, PepeUnchained, 5THScape, BaseDawgz, Mega Dice and 99Bitcoins.

Our top pick is Memereum, the first blockchain insurance with excellent features, including its innovative insured DEX, MemeSwap. While still at the early stage of its development, Memereum has demonstrated its potential to be the next big thing in crypto space.

Buy Memereum

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 


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