Biden ripped for 'old' appearance, 'weak' voice during first presidential debate: 'Deeply alarming'

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President Biden faced intense scrutiny for his “old” appearance and “weak” sounding voice throughout Thursday’s CNN Presidential Debate.

Various media figures, conservative commentators and politicians took to social media throughout the event, describing Biden’s state as “deeply alarming” and “embarrassing.”

“Biden looks old. Halting. He just lost his train of thought. His voice is weak. Bad bad bad,” former CNN commentator Chris Cilizza wrote on X, while conservative commentator Clay Travis wrote, “Joe Biden looks like he might die on stage tonight. He’s way worse than I thought he would be. Holy crap.”

“It’s deeply alarming that Joe Biden needs to be secluded for seven days so he can speak coherently for 90 minutes,” wrote Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

“Remember, Joe Biden set the rules for this debate. He then spent a full week preparing. And he looks like this,” Ben Shapiro wrote.

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk questioned why Biden appeared to keep looking in odd directions, away from former President Trump, the camera and moderators.

“I have to say this is embarrassing not just for Biden but also for our country,” billionaire Bill Ackman wrote, while Republican commentator Sarah Isgur suggested the nation was “heading into 25th amendment territory,” citing what would allow for the removal of the president.

 Another critic described Biden as “literally malfunctioning,” while another said his “voice ran out after the first sentence.”

Pollster Frank Luntz, who said he was running a focus group made up of undecided voters throughout the debate, said Biden was the reason they were “beginning to switch and choose.” 

“It’s not going well for Joe Biden. It’s not his policies. It’s his presentation,” Luntz wrote.

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