'Broke' Couple Spent $30,000 On Solar Panels And Don't Know What To Do Next — Here's Dave Ramsey's Advice

Financial expert Dave Ramsey offered critical advice to a couple struggling with severe financial issues, as featured in a YouTube video titled “We Are SO BROKE, We Don’t Know What To Do!”

Jessica from Dallas, Texas, called into the show, explaining that she and her husband, who make “maybe $3100 a month after taxes,” were overwhelmed by their financial situation. They had incurred significant debt from installing solar panels on their home, adding to their mortgage and credit card debts. According to Jessica, the solar panels were installed last year and still owed around $30,000.

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Ramsey emphasized the need for responsible spending, urging the couple to stop making impulsive purchases, which he identified as a major factor in their financial troubles. “You guys have to lock arms and write down a pledge in blood that says I’m going to quit buying crap I can’t afford,” he advised.

He suggested they only pay for things with cash and avoid using credit cards. Jessica agreed, but Ramsey emphasized the situation’s magnitude, adding, “You have impulsed yourself into a corner.”

He stressed the importance of establishing a strict budget and utilizing his financial education resources to gain control over their spending. Ramsey also suggested increasing their income and planning their careers strategically.

A key part of Ramsey’s counsel involved preparing for worst-case scenarios. He suggested confronting and emotionally processing this scenario could help them create a proactive plan. Ramsey mentioned the possibility of selling their home, valued at approximately $300,000 with a $197,000 mortgage, as a last resort to eliminate debt. However, he preferred that they focus on boosting their income and managing their debt without selling their property.

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Ramsey reassured the couple by suggesting that there was a way out even in the worst-case scenario, saying, “I know I would cry a little, but I could sell the house and this whole thing would be over.” This comment was meant to help them visualize the worst-case scenario and realize they could still overcome their financial challenges.

Jessica and her husband’s struggle reflects a larger trend in the United States, where many households have substantial credit card debt. According to recent statistics, the national average credit card debt among American households is $10,848, with the total credit card debt in the U.S. reaching a record high of $1.13 trillion in 2024. Additionally, about 47% of adult credit card holders have carried a balance on a credit card for at least one month in the past year, illustrating the widespread challenge of managing debt.

The couple’s decision to invest $30,000 in solar panels, driven by a desire for sustainable energy, highlights the difficulty of balancing financial obligations with personal goals. Managing debt remains a significant issue, but effective budgeting and consulting financial advisers are crucial steps toward financial stability.

By planning and tracking expenditures, households can better control their finances and make more informed spending decisions. Consulting a financial adviser can also provide personalized strategies to manage debt, create effective budgets, and work toward long-term financial goals, helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of financial planning tailored to their unique needs and circumstances.

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*This information is not financial advice, and personalized guidance from a financial adviser is recommended for making well-informed decisions.

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