Buffini & Company Hosts Master Class

Buffini & Company has announced the return of its Master Class. This business-building event will take place in Anaheim, California, from February 8-9, 2024. The event combines networking, coaching and training, with the promise of learning how to boost ones’ referrals and with it, market share.

Hosted by founder and chairman Brian Buffini, the Master Class is designed for real estate professionals (from agents to brokers), property management professionals and home construction and renovation experts. 

Featured speakers will include:

  • Brian Buffini
  • Dave McGhee, vice president of Buffini Coaching Institute, Buffini & Company
  • Najla Kayyem, social media expert and founder of Kayyem Marketing

The Master Class will also feature an “evening of opportunity,” or a networking mixer held before the speaker sessions. You can register for the mixer here: https://www.buffiniandcompany.com/mc

There is an “exclusive early bird offer” for registration: secure your spot by January 31 and enjoy savings of up to $100 on standard ticket prices. 

For more information or to register for the Master Class, visit https://www.buffiniandcompany.com/

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