Civilization VII looks like 2K’s next big game announcement

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2K Games is expected to show the first trailer footage of the upcoming Civilization VII as part of this weekend’s Summer Games Fest marketing extravaganza after a logo for the game leaked on 2K’s website this morning.

Eagle-eyed gamers at ResetEra and Reddit both noticed the Civ VII banner atop the publisher’s official site early this morning, alongside a “Coming Soon” label and inactive links to a trailer and wishlist page. The appearance comes just ahead of the trailer-filled Summer Games Fest livestream, which will premiere at 5 pm Eastern Friday afternoon.

In May, the Summer Games Fest Twitter account teased that 2K would be using the event “to reveal the next iteration in one of [its] biggest and most beloved franchises.” Civilization VII now seems primed to fill that pre-announced slot, which may be unwelcome news for fans of 2K-owned franchises like Borderlands, Bioshock, and NFL2K (which was first publicly mulled for a revival in 2020).

Last year, developer Firaxis announced that it had started development on the “next mainline game in the world-famous Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise,” under the guidance of Civilization VI Creative Director Ed Beach and newly promoted studio head Heather Hazen (who previously worked with Epic Games and Popcap). “We have plans to take the Civilization franchise to exciting new heights for our millions of players around the world,” Hazen said in a statement at the time.

<em>Civilization </em>namesake Sid Meier holds forth with fans at a Firaxicon fan gathering in 2014.
Enlarge / Civilization namesake Sid Meier holds forth with fans at a Firaxicon fan gathering in 2014.

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Civilization VII will be the first entry in the storied strategy franchise in at least eight years, a historically long gap for a series that has seen a new numbered entry every four to six years since its debut in 1991. When Civilization VI hit in 2016, we praised the game for its smoother, more easily accessible interface and focus on fraught decision-making.
In an interview with Ars just after the launch of Civ VI, series namesake Sid Meier said his official role as franchise director has evolved over the years into more of a support structure for younger designers. “I’m there to kind of represent the history of the game,” Meier told Ars. “My role is just to be supportive. Designers have huge egos, and they’re easily bruised. Making a game can be a painful process. Part of my role is to be encouraging—’that idea didn’t work, try something else.'”

Elsewhere in early Summer Games Fest leaks and announcements, we can expect more info about Meta Quest VR-exclusive Batman: Arkham Shadow, a Lego-fied version of Sony’s Horizon series, and new footage for cinematic survival game Dune Awakening, among many other planned announcements.

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