Florida mayor laughs at Biden’s hot mic F-bomb

Ray Murphy, Fort Myers Beach Mayor, couldn’t remember what he might say to get the president to drop the bomb. However, he stated that he felt like a friend when Biden did it.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden met Ray Murphy (the mayor of Fort Myers Beach in Florida) and quickly realized they had much in common. Perhaps too many.

They became very close and chummy quickly.

Biden commented while chatting with Murphy on his second storm-related visit this week. This time, he was visiting Fort Myers to assess Hurricane Ian’s destruction. Murphy is the mayor of Fort Myers since 2020.

Murphy, other local officials, and Murphy were present at the joint news conference that was held with Ron DeSantis (the state’s Republican governor), where he made remarks.

It was not directed at anyone. Murphy stated that it was two men talking shortly after Biden’s comment went viral. It didn’t bother me at all. This is just how two men talk to one another from our backgrounds.

Murphy claimed that he had never met Biden before Wednesday. “This is amazing because we know many of the same people.”

Murphy, Murphy’s college roommate at Villanova University was, for instance, from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Villanova is also home to Jill Biden, the first lady. Biden and Murphy discovered mutual connections in Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach and Dewey Beach. The Bidens own a house in Rehoboth.

It was just one thing after the other. We became acquainted with one another. Murphy stated, “That was great. I hope they don’t forget us.”

Murphy stated that he could not recall what Biden might have said to trigger his decision to “drop the bomb”, as he called it. He said that he felt like a friend when Biden said it.

“We are both Irish Catholics. Both of us are devout Catholics. Murphy explained that Murphy sometimes uses a bit of salty language.

The White House did not comment on Biden’s remarks via the hot mic.

Murphy is currently serving his second term as mayor. He was first elected to the Town Council in 2019 and then voted to become mayor by the council in 2020 and 2021. Murphy had served six years on the Town Council after 1995’s incorporation. He “retired” after six more years.

He stated that he was drawn back to public service by environmental issues and frustrations with the town’s handling of red tide algae.

“Never sooner am I elected, and Covid burst [out],” Murphy stated that Covid was not enough. “As the Irish would tell you, if we didn’t have bad luck, there wouldn’t be any luck.”

Murphy stated that he was pleased with the response from both the federal and state governments so far, but acknowledged that there is still a long way to go. During their private conversation, he said that he had only one request for Biden: “Help us get back on our feet. And we’ll go from there.”

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