Illuvium To Launch Open Beta Mainnet On July 25

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Illuvium, the open-world blockchain game developed by Immutable, will launch on July 25.

The announcement comes after a series of beta testing phases that began with the Private Beta 4 on April 30 and continued with the open beta testnet. 

Illuvium Announces Official Release Date

Illuvium announced the release date on X. According to the announcement, after careful consideration and community feedback, the team took the decision to set July 25 as the release date so it could include several key features that could significantly enhance the gaming experience and boost security. The team did add that while not all features may be fully operational by the launch date, it is committed to integrating as many features as possible. 

“Open Beta Mainnet Launch Date Confirmed! Rangers, the moment we’ve all been eagerly anticipating, has finally arrived: we now have a confirmed launch date. Illuvium officially launches on July 25, 2024! Why July? While we could launch sooner, we’re trying to squeeze in some exciting new features to make the launch even more impactful.”

New Features 

Following the launch, the Illuvium team plans to add an array of new features; These include the Arena’s Gauntlet Mode and a new weapons system. The team also plans to significantly expand the Overworld mode. The expanded Overworld mode will include combat, NPC interactions, economic adjustments, character customization, and notable improvements to the Forge UX. Improvements to the backend and security will also be made. 

The team will also be adding an extra 10,000 ILV to the testnet rewards, bringing the total to 20,000 ILV. Illuvium has been one of the most highly anticipated web3 and crypto games, with excellent gameplay and brilliant graphics built on the Immutable X platform. The launch has a lot riding on it, as the success of blockchain gaming depends on the success of these early AAA-style games and whether they are able to gain a significant number of users. The Illuivium team will also optimize the game’s economy and backend systems to handle player load in a more efficient manner.

Illuvium collaborated with Team Liquid, a leading esports company, to explore and enhance the turn-based, player-vs-player (PVP) creature autobattler experience with Illuvium. Key Team Liquid members, including League of Legends player Broxah and content creator Midbeast, were involved in the partnership.  Team Liquid and Illuvium also plan to deepen their collaboration in esports.

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