Is Aptos (APT) Really the Solana (SOL) Killer? Many Are Turning Their Eyes to Pullix (PLX)

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Solana (SOL) has established itself as a prominent altcoin. However, a new wave of contenders like Aptos (APT) is considered the potential “Solana killer.” Meanwhile, another promising project, Pullix (PLX), is gaining traction. This DeFi project, in Stage 6 of its presale, has already raised over $4.3M. Analysts are even hinting it could soar by 100x in 2024. Let’s explore why.

Aptos (APT): New Partnership with MoveSpiders

There was some exciting Aptos news recently as it announced a new partnership with MoveSpiders. This is a free dynamic platform providing Move classes on Aptos for free. In terms of the Aptos coin price movement, it has fluctuated between $8.22 and $8.46 in the last month alone. Its market cap rose from $2.57B to $2.84B during this time.

The technical analysis of this altcoin is also looking quite bullish. Aptos now trades above its 21 and 50-day EMAs. As a result, market analysts predict that Aptos may reach a value of $8.97 within Q1 of 2024.

Solana (SOL): Integration With Paxos

Meanwhile, Solana (SOL) has also had some exciting developments. Paxos has officially launched its regulated stablecoin, USDP, on the Solana blockchain. As a result, people can now use this stablecoin more easily.

However, this Solana news did not help its coin’s value. The Solana crypto value has fluctuated between $92.53 and $91.65 in the past seven days. Its market cap also fell from $40.03B to $39.68. Due to all these factors, experts forecast a price of $106.90 for Solana by the end of February 2024.

Pullix (PLX): Over 11,000 Presale Registrations

While all the spotlight is on Aptos and Solana, Pullix (PLX) has quietly been making waves in its own right. In fact, over 11,000 individuals have registered for its ongoing presale. Pullix also boasts 3,500 community members at the moment. These milestones show that demand and interest for this new DeFi project are rising.

At its core, Pullix aims to revolutionize online trading. It will accomplish this by combining the best aspects of both CEX and DEX into one hybrid trading platform. As a result, traders can find deep liquidity, access to all asset classes (including cryptos) and more on Pullix. While this exchange is the main attraction for traders, there are other exciting features in its ecosystem:

● Copy Trading: The ability to replicate trades from other experienced traders and profit from their choices.
● Trade-to-Earn: PLX token stakers will receive a portion of Pullix’s daily revenue.

The PLX native token is currently the most sought-after DeFi coin. It is in Stage 6 of its presale but has sold nearly 80M tokens. Global investors are drawn to it as it has provided early buyers a 100% ROI. It currently costs just $0.08, and buying it has many perks. For instance, reduced trading fees and access to certain classes.

Pullix will also introduce a burn feature that will reduce its supply and increase its value. This will benefit many long-term PLX token holders. This fact and its ties to the Forex market, which sees a daily volume of $6.6T, make PLX’s future growth potential high. Because of this, market analysts foresee a 1,000% surge once a Tier-1 CEX lists it in Q1 of 2024.

Will Pullix Grow Faster Than Aptos and Solana?

Pullix has a market cap of only $16M, making it prime for rapid growth. On the other hand, Aptos and Solana would need a lot more money to grow. Therefore, PLX may be the best crypto to buy for quick returns.

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