NAMA launches LCV grading scheme to help dealers be confident in used vans

The National Association of Motor Auctions’ (NAMA) is launching its new LCV grading standard to help dealers determine the quality of the defleeted vans and pick-ups they’re considering buying for stock.

This initiative builds on the success of the NAMA car grading standard, which has been in place since 2013.

More than 90% of the sector’s vehicles are now sold using the scheme, equating to over 10 million used cars sold.

Paul Hill, NAMA spokesperson said: “The used car grading scheme is now widely accepted by the industry as the definitive standard to describe the relative condition of cars for buyers and sellers. We are incredibly proud of the positive impact it has had over the years.

“By providing a consistent and transparent method of evaluating vehicle condition, we have helped to foster trust and confidence throughout the car buying and selling process.

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