Peri brings in scaffolding cladding system

Peri Up cladding system

The Peri Up Cladding system is designed to suppress construction noise, protect workers from the elements and reduce the risk of objects falling from height.

It works with the company’s system scaffolding products to create a flexible enclosure that is easy to install, thanks to its use of lightweight components.

The large translucent panels include an integrated handrail for ease of handling and fitting, without the need for specialist tools. The ability to enclose all or part of the construction site using fewer components than similar systems, ensures a fast, flexible installation.

Peri UK national product manager Matthew Binder said: “Peri Up cladding has been designed to address the modern challenges faced by scaffolding contractors, who must deliver not only safe access for workers at height but shield them from the elements and protect site personnel and the surrounding area.

“We are confident this is a significant addition to the Peri UP scaffolding kit. It addresses so many of the environmental challenges faced by contractors and also delivers improved protection against break-in and theft thanks to the inability for panels to be removed from the outside.”

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