Playable Ads Creator Azarus Partners With Stream To Enahnce User Engagement

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Azarus and Stream are both affiliated with Web 3 gaming giant and VC, Animoca Brands. 

Animoca Brands-backed streaming companies, Azarus and Stream announce a strategic partnership to enhance streaming experiences for content creators, gamers and fans. The strategic collaboration aims to deliver rich interactive experiences and create value across the streaming world, allowing digital content creators and consumers to forge meaningful engagements while streaming.

Acquired by Animoca Brands in November of last year, Azarus’ partnership with Stream marks the first collaboration under the new acquirer. Alex Casassovici, CEO & Founder of Azarus, believes the partnership will help augment the growth of Stream exponentially, by bringing gamers, creators, and fans together, providing valuable engagements and uniting loyal communities around streaming platforms.  

 “We’re excited to see Stream 100x the potential of what Azarus kickstarted,” Alex Casassovici said. “By fulfilling the vision of an open, permissionless, and distributed way to build interactive content for streams, Stream will provide greater opportunities for creators to engage their audience and for viewers to hang out and interact with like-minded fans.”

Azarus is well-known as the inventor of “interactive overlay” technology for streamers, with a patent pending for the invention. The platform works with several brands to launch livestream games. The technology, leveraging blockchain, allows streamers to launch a game during the stream, unlocking earning potential. This unique stream overlay provides for better fan engagement, allowing brands, content creators and gamers to better connect and interact with their fans. The company has disbursed over $2 million worth of rewards via their value-sharing model and playable ads.

Since its launch in 2018, the company has partnered with Twitch, providing playable games to the largest streamers on the platform, including game releases like Assassin’s Creed, Esports competitions like the Capcom Pro Tour, and shows like the Streamer Awards. 

Speaking on the partnership, Alan Lau, Chief Business Officer of Animoca Brands, welcomed Azarus, praising the company’s value to Stream, including the technology, expertise, and proven business model it brings along. 

“Their interactive overlay technology and extensive experience in delivering engaging, playable ads have revolutionized how audiences interact with digital content,” Lau added. “With Azarus on board, we are confident that Stream will reach new heights, transforming the streaming landscape and creating exciting new opportunities for creators and their audiences.”

Stream will leverage Azarus’ partnership to further enrich engagement between creators and their audiences. According to its team, the partnership will allow content creators to launch organic, interactive experiences, which expands creators’ engagement and incentivizes audience attention, creativity, and content creation. 

Notwithstanding, Stream’s product will expand its use cases beyond Twitch to other streaming services, providing an open foundation for interactive streams. The company will further onboard hundreds of streamers from Esports teams and creator communities, unlocking a new user base for its platform. This strategic collaboration will further unlock new ways for views and content creators to be rewarded for interacting with the platform and provide greater opportunities for community engagement.

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