RE/MAX U.S. Franchise Sales Climb in Q3

RE/MAX reported a substantial increase in U.S. franchise sales for Q3 2023. The 45 closed sales between July 1 and Sept. 30 represented a 21.6% increase from Q2’s 37 sales. The company also recorded 166 franchise sales outside the U.S., including nine in Canada.

The company stated that the increase in sales is a testament to their focus on brokerage growth opportunities like national marketing, industry and educational events, and culture and value. Continuing high interest in conversions, mergers, acquisitions and expansions also helped drive the growth results. Of the 45 Q3 franchise sales, 11 were start-ups, 10 were conversions, eight were expansions, 15 were team offices and one was a satellite office.

One of the brokerages gained in Q3 was RE/MAX Foxfire, a previously unaffiliated brokerage of 165 agents in Ocala, Florida, according to a release. Vice President and Director of Operations Owen Boone said, “For being a worldwide brand, the culture and connectivity that RE/MAX exudes is nothing short of impressive. Being able to lean into the network, the brand power, and for us, coming from an independent, the number of tools and resources available to us is just extraordinary. We truly believe we have the best of both worlds – an international brand with local roots.”

Peter Luft, Vice President of Franchise Sales for RE/MAX, said that RE/MAX is committed to providing real estate leaders with an exemplary brand that offers the highest value.

“RE/MAX attracts top-tier entrepreneurs because we let them be in business for themselves but not by themselves. We are constantly exploring new ways to provide greater value to our franchisees—and that attracts new owners and helps current owners grow.”

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