Stay-At-Home Dad Sends Hilarious Video After Wife Gifted A Hotel Stay

Being a stay-at-home parent is not for the faint of heart. You’re never off the clock. You’re touched out before 10 a.m. Your office is your home, and you’re working 24/7. There’s no switch that goes on and off for a stay-at-home between being an active parent and an employee. Taking care of their kids and their home is their job, and as we know, being a SAHP is pretty much the hardest job out there.

One mom knows just how hard her husband works as a stay-at-home dad, so she gifted him a couple of nights off from the kids and housework. She expected to hear radio silence for the next 48 hours. Instead, he sent a hilarious video that had her comment section rolling.

“I got my husband a two-night’s stay at a hotel just to relax because he works really hard, and I was like, ‘I’m not going to call you. Nothing is expected of you. I’m going to have the kids. Here’s money for food, relax. If you don’t want to talk to anybody, you don’t have to,’” Ana Rosa Sosa begins in her now-viral video.

“Pretty much for him to just enjoy alone time because he’s always on the go. I think he liked his present because this is a video he sent me.”

What comes next is a hilarious compilation, put together by Sosa’s husband, Erick, staring off in complete wonderment that he is alone.

As Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” begins to play, Erick films himself making the most of his hotel stay.

He turns the thermostat down to 65 degrees (relatable!). He pounds a burger without anyone else around him asking for a bite. He sleeps (and then munches more on food under the blankets).

Okay, I want to hang out with this couple. Can we say, “healthy boundaries and communication”?

After the video went viral, TikTok users praised Ana for her thoughtful gift to her husband.

“My girl did this for me. I didn’t know how to act. I wasn’t used to all that peace. So 5 mins in I called my sister to watch our kids and called wifey to stay with me,” one user wrote.

Another said, “Protect this woman at all costs. 😳 This sounds amazing for men’s mental health honestly.”

“If she wanted to, she would 😏 goes both ways. he’s a lucky man to have such a thoughtful wifey!” one user commented.

“That’s so cute! We all need a break and it is no reflection on the love he has for you and his fam 😭,” one TikToker wrote.

The OP replied, “He’s very introverted so he likes his quiet … but we got so many kids.”

How about the fact that even when he received a zero-expectations weekend away from his wife and kids, he still was thinking about them? So much so that he went to the trouble to make a clever video.

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