Teen Couple Ask Parents' Permission To Have A Sleepover Via Slideshow

TikTok user, Jessica Buel —now dubbed the “#sleepovermom” — went viral after sharing the slideshow presentation her son and his girlfriend put together, asking for permission to have a sleepover at their house.

Both were newly 18 years old and thought it was the perfect time to make an argument for why they should be trusted to have a sleepover under their parents’ roof. Try not to smile watching their adorable presentation, mostly given by Buel’s son’s girlfriend, who seems incredibly charming and sweet.

“Two 18-year-olds, you guys think there’s going to be sex. Understandable. So. we’re going to go over your concerns in this slideshow,” Kaysha begins.

“Main topics,” Buel’s son, Kaden, chimes in. “Babies?! No way! We’re going to be quiet. We’re not going to stay up late. We’re smart kids, grades-wise, at least. We know each other’s parents, you know? “

“And… you’re our favorite!” Kaysha adds.

The two move onto the next slide titled: “Babies? NEVER!”

“Sex? BAD!” Kaden says.

“We got some shit to do with our future. Sex means babies equals broke, and I’m not trying to be broke. I’m working off a Walmart. I cannot do this. So, I get it. I understand your concerns, but I don’t want that responsibility right now. I kind of want to like, shove little kids over when I hear them cry. So, least of your worries!” Kaysha jokes.

Kaden and Kaysha move onto their next point, clearly a known concern, that if they do get permission for a sleepover, they will not be disruptive to anyone else’s sleep.

“We will shut up. You don’t want to hear kids. You want to drink wine … We’re not going to stay up late. There we go,” Kaysha says.

Kaden adds, addressing his mom, “You know me. I’m in bed at like 10 o’clock.”

“We’re going to get great sleep. We’re not going to be grumpy in the morning. I don’t even talk in the morning, so you’re fine,” Kaysha chimes in.

They also present a slide reiterating that they are, in fact, smart, good kids.

“We respect you. If you guys do say no, it is perfectly fine. We understand it, but I get how scary this can be. We’re both 18. It’s our first maybe sleepover. So, it’s understandable, but I respect you and I’m honestly really scared of you guys. So, I don’t want to disrespect you in that way. So, no worries!” Kaysha concludes.

After the video went viral, every single TikTok user asked the same question: Did Kaden and Kaysha end up getting to have a sleepover?

“So???????! Did they get their sleepover???????!!!!! These are OUR teenagers now!!!” one user wrote.

Buel replied, “Yes they did eventually. She stays over a lot now and we adore her.”

In a follow-up video, Buel shared an adorable video of the couple in their prom attire, plus the news that the two would be attending the same college in the fall.

“I truly hope they are high school sweethearts getting married one day!” one user wrote.

“Us too,” Buel replied. Wishing this smart, sweet couple nothing but the best!

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