The 18 Best New Genderless Fragrances for Summer

Images courtesy of Acne Studios, Chanel, Phlur, Fendi, Salvia Salvia, Louis Vuitton, Trudon, Celine, and Fragrance du Bois. Collage by Ashley Peña

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Your signature fragrance is a deeply personal preference. The right scent has the power to uplift and inspire confidence; it can also reinforce memories of the past that you hold dear. As summer begins, why not consider switching up your go-to perfume? We’ve put together a list of our favorite perfumes released this season—all of which will surely inspire and, more importantly, make a positive first impression, expressing your mood and personality before you even utter a hello to whoever is in the room. No matter what your gender expression, there’s something here for you. Keep scrolling to shop the latest in haute perfumerie.

Indulge in the aromatic magnificence of Persian galbanum. This vibrant, green, and spicy resin marks Pharrell Williams and Louis Vuitton’s debut fragrance, created with the French label’s master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Sunlight and blooming summer grass come to mind when experiencing this new Vuitton concoction, which will surely be a classic for years to come.

This is a love letter to the bold fashion icons of yesteryear, the women of the swinging ’60s adorned in chic miniskirts, pixie cuts, and iconic Marie Quant ensembles. The playful yet attractive blend of patchouli and labdanum is a stylish daytime fragrance, reminiscent of those indelible fashion statements that defined an era.

Chanel has released yet another testament to the brand’s lasting power among a sea of other fragrance lines. Cométe is an homage to the iconic necklace worn by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel herself. It exudes a timeless elegance with a powdery, floral essence, sheathed in a delicate blend of iris and heliotrope blooms. Personally, the first spritz evoked a faint reminiscence of Chanel No. 5, before seamlessly settling into the more blended notes.

This is a classic in the making, from none other than the famed perfumer Fréderic Malle and Acne Studios. The clean floral is a sophisticated concoction, with a lovely bouquet of roses and violets, draped with a creamy sandalwood to give it some unique edge. We loved this one for days and nights equally.

Molto bello, darling. Tom Ford’s latest summer fragrance launch has arrived to provide you with vibes fit for a romantic Italian escapade. Neroli Portofino Parfum is a bolder, more savory iteration of the beloved original. Infused with signature white florals, it now boasts a blissful double dose of the heavenly Neroli accord that scent lovers crave, along with the succulent notes of Italian blood orange.

A beautifully crisp citrus fragrance crafted by one of Europe’s most renowned perfumers, Lindauer Löwe captures the essence of a leisurely stroll in the park on a late afternoon, amid a summer breeze and full of green florals we love. This new scent epitomizes clean confidence, making it the perfect complement to your favorite breezy dresses.

This scent would be perfect for a first date. Bulgari’s latest olfactory creation is cheerful without being in your face, with an attractive lemon and orangelike petitgrain that sits nicely and evenly on the skin.

Inspired by Marrakech, Sempre Mio is a harmonious tribute to the Ourika Valley, and features warm and intense notes of Calabrian bergamot, cedarwood, and a vividly fresh orange blossom moment.

Trust us when we say, this fragrance is perfect for that moment when you step back onto the main deck after having showered and dressed post-afternoon swim. Isla exudes the essence of effortless Euro-chic, offering an air of cool sophistication without the impression of excessive effort. There’s a relaxed, zesty twist here, highlighted by a refreshing blend of bergamot and vetiver.

Kindred Black has nailed the gentle, authentic, floral aroma. This very delicate blend took us right back to memories of childhood walks home along tree-lined streets. This is a very soft, feminine scent in a solid wax presentation that you rub on your pulse points to awaken the aroma. The fragrant jasmine and lilac undertones are welcoming, and that delightful touch of apricot is simply perfect. Side note: a little goes a long way with this aromatic pomade.

We loved this unisex scent for its versatility: it’s perfect to wear all day and well into the night, so definitely keep it in your bag. The notes deliver a pleasing energy to those who love citrus scents with an added depth. The melodic top notes of yuzu and grapefruit are upbeat, yet it is grounded with just the right dose of a sandalwood base, which appeals to those craving warmer notes.

When you’re in Miami but yearning for the charm of Sicily, fret not: Acqua di Parma’s latest fragrance will instantly transport you to the picturesque beaches of southern Italy. This magical brew exudes a hypnotic blend of spearmint, zesty lemon, and comforting mandarin notes that embody summer sunshine.

This one was full and deep on our skin, so we recommend it for your more extravagant summer evenings. The sweet harmonies of black currant, tiramisu cream, pink sugar, and tonka bean come to life and provide cheerful, celebratory vibes.

What light-and-airy scent could be more enticing than one inspired by the shimmering reflection of sunlight on water? This is a truly gorgeous green floral enveloped in mesmerizing magnolia, freesia, lemon, and fragrant Japanese hydrangea. It’s water-based and crafted to be alcohol-free, so it’s perfect for those with sensitive noses and skin. Created in collaboration with renowned Japanese perfumer, Shoji Kumasaka.

This is an elegant choice to complement your new white linen ensemble at your afternoon drinks gathering. While preferences for summer scents differ, we believe that clean and citrusy notes are foolproof, and we were particularly drawn to this scent for its distinctive character. It features lively bergamot, pink pepper, and Japanese vetiver, softened by creamy undertones of nutmeg and cardamom, yet still retaining its spirited citrus flair.

Salty and sparkling! Upcycled sage is the centerpiece of this clean themed genderless scent that hits all the right notes for anyone wanting a high-end fragrance that pleases the nose for hours on end.

With the gentlest touch, this very clean and delicate scent is all about subtlety. Soft scatterings of freesia, orchid, and jasmine appear with the precious nuance of vanilla as the perfect finale.

From the venerated French fragrance line Robert Piguet, comes the latest addition: the enchanting Eau Fraîche from the brand’s Fracas line. This olfactory delight evokes the image of an ethereal garden in full bloom, brimming with untamed tuberose and jasmine. Delicate top notes of mandarin subtly dole out hints of sweetness, while the base notes of musk and sandalwood, though quite understated, anchor the brew.

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