WJ opens Pennsylvania depot

WJ Surface Treatments is pushing across the USA

After launching in southeastern US states last summer, WJ Surface Treatments LLC is spreading across the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.

This growth has seen the establishment of a new depot in Hazelton, Pennsylvania and the extension of the company’s coverage to an additional 10 states, as well as the federal District of Columbia. The rapid expansion extends WJ Surface Treatments into a total of 20 states.

Building on the success of its initial operations in Atlanta, Georgia, WJ Surface Treatments is now set to market its high friction surface treatments (HFST), captive abrasive friction enhancement, surface preparation and bridge deck waterproofing in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and Washington DC.

General manager Glenn Thompson said: “This is a significant step for us at WJ Surface Treatments. Expanding into these key regions not only signifies our growth but also reinforces our commitment to delivering road safety solutions across the USA. Working with our parent company, WJ, we’re bringing over three decades of expertise to these new areas, and I’m personally looking forward to making a difference in road safety across these states. It’s more than just business growth; it’s about creating safe, sustainable journeys for everyone.

He added: “We’re looking forward to continuing this growth, fostering strong relationships with Departments of Transportation and other key stakeholders in these new regions, while delivering the same high-quality service and innovative solutions that define our operations and successful growth.”

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