Xbox Cloud Gaming now has mouse and keyboard support in select games

Microsoft is starting to preview mouse and keyboard support for Xbox Cloud Gaming today. Xbox Insiders will be able to start playing with their mouse and keyboard in Edge, Chrome, or the Xbox app on Windows PCs, nearly two years after Microsoft announced it was preparing to add mouse and keyboard support to its Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) service.

Not every game will be supported during the preview, but there’s a large selection, including Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, and Halo Infinite. Microsoft warns that some games will display controller UI elements briefly before adapting to mouse and keyboard input after you start interacting with the game.

If you’re interested in trying games with mouse and keyboard in the browser version of Xbox Cloud Gaming, then you’ll need to be in full-screen mode, according to Microsoft. This is so the game can correctly capture your pointer as input. If you want to exit out of mouse and keyboard mode and use an Xbox controller instead, there’s an ALT+F9 shortcut to do so.

Here’s the full list of games that work in mouse and keyboard mode on Xbox Cloud gaming:

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